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Antennas, Windoms, OCF

http://www.PacketRadio.com,   Where HAM Radio operators come to shop
Windom Antenna
When it comes to the Windom and OCF Dipoles, we wrote the book,
We wrote the Windom Antenna Handbook !   CLICK HERE it's free:

The BUXcomm Windoms are constructed using the best components for this multi-band antenna.
Many years ago, we found the best (optimum) feed-point of the Windom (often called an OCF) is near 233 ohms "impedance," when erected between 30 and 55 feet above ground.  At that point in the evolution of the Windom antenna, we set a "standard" for the industry by using a 4 to 1 BALUN.  Only when the windom is installed 55 feet or more above ground, is it necessary to use a BALUN with a higher output impedance.

Some Windom builders don't adhere to the rule; "as the feed-point of an antenna increases, so does the feed-point impedance." Until the feed-point of a Windom, or an off centre dipole exceeds 55 feet, there is no need to increase the impedance ratio of the feed-point BALUN.

Unless specified otherwise, the BUXcomm Windoms as shipped, are equipped with a 4 to 1, current BALUN.
Hence, some operators will measure the input to the Windom feed line, or at the BALUN input, and see a very low resistance. The is because the BALUN is a "current" type BALUN.  A 1 to 4 "current" type will exhibit an almost dead-short, or approximately seven tenths (7/10) or 0.7 ohm.  

When reading the BALUN input with a good VOM; If the input to the BALUN does not indicate a very low resistance, then one of three conditions may exist:  
(1) the BALUN is not a true current BALUN,  or
(2) The BALUN is a voltage or auto-transformer type, or
(3) the BALUN is defective

The standard production BUXcomm Windom is power-rated for 2000 watts PEP.  
BUXcomm builds other more robust Windoms, built to handle higher power, and can be ordered at our web-sites.

The BUXcomm Windom has a specially designed BALUN and Center insulator.  The feature that set the BUXcomm BALUNs apart from other BALUN  types, is the integrated Center insulator and BALUN.  The BUXcomm "Center Insulator/BALUN" has separate eyebolts that allow attaching the wire elements, then routing the wire element ends to the BALUN RF terminals.  This technique uses the case and body of the BALUN to remove the stress or strain from the BALUNs RF terminals.

We've had several operators ask us if it is OK to allow the feed-point BALUN to be supported by the
antenna wire and BALUN terminals.  On all BUXCOMM BALUNs we install large, heavy duty eyebolts
so the BALUN can act as a center insulator.  The antenna terminal connections are completely free of
any tension or excessive strain.  All the tension is on the heavy-duty eyebolts.  Our BALUNs
support the weight of the Windom, end to end.

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There is NO Charge, & no gimmicks for membership in BUXCLUB, just BUXCOMM savings.


AND BUXcomm wire type antennas are still:

Made by BUXCOMM in the heart of Virginia

Our Windoms are complete, factory assembled and tested.  When you receive your BUXCOMM Windom,
it is ready to connect the coax cable and erect. 
BUXCOMM is the leading Windom and OCF antenna producer
in the world. 
ANTENNA.  WARNING: When erecting an antenna, never install near power lines, and never work alone.

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