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Coaxial in-Line isolator, 160 TO 2 Meters (1.5 to 175 MHz) LINE ISOLATOR, easily handles 3000 watts.

Sale: $31.96
Save: 20% off


160 TO 2 METER (1.5 to 175 MHz) LINE ISOLATOR and
EASILY HANDLES 3000 watts average power or 4000 watts
SSB.  We use Mil Spec M17/111-RG303 PoweRated @ 9000
watts at 55 MHz, and a special ferrite mix as the core of our
(B2KLISO)tm is an ultra-broad-band
transmission-line-transformer (TLT) BUXCOMM exclusive.


We included, enough ferrite cores in the (B2KLISO) for effective
choking impedance. Our Line Isolation
conservatively rated
. It can easily handle 3000 watts RMS, 1.5
to 55 MHz HF, and 2000 watts at VHF.
The ferrite material we
use for the cores are made to our precise, wide band standards
to provide optimum performance across the Amateur bands
1.5 through 175 MHz,
No other line-isolator, UNUN, or BALUN
provides this level of isolation at these frequencies, and power

BUXCOMM  B2KLISO coaxial in-Line isolator (B2KLISO) tm 
is isolated by multiple, ferrite cores transformer. 1.5 to 175 Mhz. 
Made with Multi-Mix Ferrite cores for wide bandwidth, and
Ultra-low-loss (0.5dB @ 10 mHz) coax.
See illustration and recommended application, this page:

The feed-point BALUN or antenna UNUN may not balance the
currents in the coax section feeding the antenna.  However, lower
down the coax line, near the RF output, a BUXCOMM
(B2KLISO) line isolator is added to reduce the common-mode current
on the coax shield, thus reducing the radiation from the feedline between
the isolator and equipment in the Ham Shack..

* 3000 watts SSB, 2000 wts CW/FSK/PSK Line Isolator LISO Regtm BUXCOMM
* Input, connector, SO239
* Output, connector, SO239

An Isolator is installed at the output of the Radio, and/or if you are using a Linear Amplifier, 
it should be placed at the output of the amplifier. 
A Line Isolator is exactly what it says: .....
The (B2KLISO) Isolates the Coax or transmission line from the Radio to perform two functions;

The most common antenna problem is poor isolation of the feedline from antenna currents.
If your goal is to reduce feedline radiation and improve reception by reducing noise,
feedline isolation baluns (B2KLISO) are an excellent choice.
Adding an additonal isolation balun (B2KLISO) at the point where the feedline exits
the near field area of the antenna will substantially reduce unwanted feedline radiation
and reception of EMI without the need for improved station grounding.   

An isolation BALUN can improve the antenna performance by:
* Preventing unwanted RFI by eliminating feedline common mode currents and radiation
* All power goes to the antenna, improving efficiency
* Reduces noise or EMI picked-up by your coax shield
* Power is balanced between driven elements of antenna
* Can help overcome a less than optimal ground
* Noise Reduction;

When using current BALUNs in your antenna system,  the resonant frequency can slightly increase the resonant frequency.  If you experience this change, your feedline or coaxial cable is behaving as part of the antenna radiating element(s).  This is not good.  By adding the BuxComm (B2KLISO), the feedline or coaxial cable is isolated from the antenna, preventing this problem from occcuring.

To circumvent this problem with RF being induced into the shield of the coaxial feedline, we
isolate the coaxial feedline RF currents from antenna re-radiation, by inserting a
"Line ISOlator" at the base or feed-point of the vertical antenna.
The BUXCOMM LISO (line isolator) inhibits undesired RFI by preventing feedline currents
and re-radiation. In turn, the LISO forces all the RF energy from the transceiver, tuner, or
amplifier, into the antenna.  The BUXCOMM
(B2KLISO) does not require any further tuning. 
The LISO2K works great with Windoms,  Dipoles, Bazookas, Verticals and Loops.
*Style and color may vary.    Performance per above specs.


Use CoaxSeal, CS104 on all BALUN terminals and attachments.
Any BALUN installed out-of-doors is subject to harsh weather, hard driving rain, and heavy winds. These conditions can allow moisture to develop inside a BALUN when the connections are not sealed.

BUXCOMM Line Isolators are:

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