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An exclusive BUXCOMM Master Match HF BALUN Install this BUXCOMM HF B1K5025 BALUN where it counts


cat#     B1K5025           An exclusive BUXCOMM Master Match HF BALUN

Install this BUXCOMM HF B1K5025 BALUN where it counts and where every watt

is important, especially in those DX pile ups.

The BUXCOMM B1K5025 puts the RF power into your beam antenna to radiate. 

Many Stepper, High-gain, and most HF beams and yagis, exhibit low feed-point

impedance. Without an BALUN similar to the BUXcomm B1K5025 at the input of

your Beam antenna,much of the RF power can become reflected (lost) power (VSWR).

The yagi and HF beam user finds the BUXCOMM B1K5025 to be an asset when feeding

the Beam antenna.  Enjoy maximum transfer of RF energy to your antenna for new found

coverage and DX (long range) communications.

This HF BALUN covers 1.8 MHz. through 35 MHz. This BUXCOMM
Master Match B1K5025  is rated at 1000 watts SSB.  Our new BUXCOMM B1K5025
will match 50 ohms to lower impedances from 1.5 MHz to 35 MHz.  

More than 95% of all HF HF vertical, yagis, & beam antennas exhibit a low impedance

input, between 12 and 32 ohms.

Our new BUXCOMM model B1K5025 HF mobile BALUN will match 50 ohm coax to

your HF antennas having impedance(s) from 12 to 33 ohms.  We designed this
asymmetrical to asymmetrical B1K5025 for mobile applications because most mobile
antennas exhibit a very low input impedance.

*Style and color may vary.    Performance per above specs.

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