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Total length is 65 ft, and poweRated at 1400 wts SSB, wide band-width, low noise & High-Gain. 3.5 to 35 MHz


Item#  1080-T2FD   3.5 to 30 MHz   

The BUXCOMM  1080-2FD is Compact in size.  PoweRated at: 1400 watts SSB, 330 wts CW,  250 watts RMS/AM/PSK. T2FD exhibits Low Noise and provides high signal gain. Wide band-width, and low noise performance.  
For greater bandwidth coverage, see our item# 1606T2FD. 1.8 to 55 MHz,

Specifications: 1080-T2FD

Impedance: 50 Ohm nominal

Bandwidth :3.5-35 MHz,

Length : 65ft  / 20m

Power : 1.4kw PEP/SSB


Connector : SO 239 

The BUXcomm T2FD type antennas are PoweRated at 1400 watts SSB, and the balanced termination we use are "non-inductive."  BUXcomm has been producing the T2FD series antennas since 1955. The BUXcomm T2FD series antennas are preassembled and tested, multi-band, folded dipole and are designed to cover the HF HAM bands, MARS, and MARS frequencies. This T2FD is ideal for the new 60 meter band. This antenna covers all the amateur bands from 5 to 30 MHz  {VSWR < 2:1 1.9-28 MHz, VSWR < 2.5:1 18-30 MHz}.  It is 65 feet (20 m) long and can handle up to 1400 watts.. Other competitors T2FD are rated below 150 watts.  The BUXcomm 1080T2FD and 1606T2FD can be installed as a Flat Top, Sloping or an Inverted V,

The 1080T2FD is the ideal size for small lots, apartments, and gated communities, length is 65 feet (20 metres).

Design Features: The BUXCOMM 1080T2FD Broad Band Folded Dipole Antenna provides optimum performance, low SWR operation over the entire HF band 3.5 – 55 MHz for transmitting, and receiving without an antenna tuner.  It also operates as an HF broadband dipole NVIS antenna, local, medium or long distance. The 1080T2FD  broadband dipole antenna is ready to erect right out of the box, no taps to change, and no tuning; nothing to tune - ever! 

Designed for the military and built to last. The 1080T2FD can operate any frequency you want without going through a lot of knob turning and setup to get a low VSWR match - simply set your transceiver frequency and you're on the air.

Constructions: The 1080T2FD broadband antenna is designed by using two folded elements with a matching BALUN and Balanced Termination Device (BTD). The 1080T2FD broadband dipole antenna can be mounted either in an inverted “V” using a single mast, or in a standard flat-top dipole configuration using two masts. The 1080T2FD Broad Band Dipole Antenna provides optimum performance over the complete HF spectrum 3.5 to 35 MHz, eliminating the requirement of multiple antennas or an Antenna Tuner.

Where space is limited, this antenna makes real DX'ing possible,
and without extreme height or elevation. Many operators deploy
this antenna at 25 to 35 feet above ground with better than
pleasing results.  The higher, the better.

The reality of it all, is that this BUXCOMM 1080 T2FD covers the HF
spectrum from 3.5 to 35 MHz with no gaps having an VSWR less than
  Add to the exceptional
band-width, low SWR, it provides us with a superior signal-to-noise

The BUXCOMM 1080T2FD-1400 is a Broadband HF folded
Dipole designed to Military standards, Amateur and Commercial communications
operation from 3.5 to 35 MHz.
The BUXCOMM model 1080T2FD-1400 antenna comes
fully assembled and pre-tuned.

No further measuring or cutting is required. The BUXCOMM 1080T2FD-1400
is constructed from high quality, Super-Flex,  high-tensile strength, 
copper wire with PE jacket, complete with fiberglass spreaders,
BALUN input matching network, and non-inductive termination. 
The single SO239 coax input provides a  50 ohm coax cable feed input.


  • No antenna tuner required.
  • Total Length 65 feet (20 Meters)
  • Factory assembled, ready to install (spreaders removed for shipping)
  • Covers  80, 40, 30, 20, 18, 17, 15, 12, & 10, meters.
  • Frequency Range, 3.5 Mhz to 35 Mhz
  • Power Rated @ 1400 watts SSB voice, (350 watts RMS/CW/AM,)
  • Impedance (input) 50 ohms
  • Wire Included.
  • Fiber Glass spreaders
  • Integrated, BALUN and Balancing Termination Resistor
  • End Insulators
  • Center insulator
  • Pre Tuned, no measuring or cutting
  • Easy to install
  • Great DX performance  
  • An extremely broadband antenna.
  • Bandwidth  3.5-35 MHz
  • Input Connector    : SO239
    NOTE: Military version supplied with Type "N" female input connector.

There's no fumbling and twisting knobs to change frequency,
thereby making band-changing and frequency hopping fast and simple. 
This is an important feature that enables faster band changing when 
operating contests.

Biography:  Excerpted from the Department of the Navy Communications Manual.


"The United States Navy conducted extensive transmitting and receiving
tests of a single T2FD antenna in the late 1940s at Long Beach, California.
They employed a Model TCC Navy 1000 watt transmitter, with a frequency
range from 2.0 to 18.0 MHz.  After a year of use on all frequencies the
T2FD was found to be superior to individual antennas on the various bands.
All other antennas were removed from the Long Beach site after the tests.

Similar results were experienced by the Kyushu Electric Communications
Bureau of Japan.  Their experiments indicated that the terminated tilted
folded dipole was superior to the "zepp'' and halfwave dipole types previously

A BUXCOMM Product:

Put it up or take it down in only minutes.
Shown here is the new BUXCOMM "Qwik-Snap" Technique that enables rapid
installation of  your BUXCOMM wire type Antennas.  The "Qwik-Snap"  Spring
Clip and Wing Nut fasteners provide the user with a quick and easy installation
method.  In addition, our Qwik-Snap and Wing-Nut fasteners make for the ideal,
field-day, contest, portable, or mountain top installation. 

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