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The foundation components for an HF Dipole antenna. includes 2 UV resistant insulators.


cat#   1-DIPOLE-kit    

kit includes; Center insulator, two black Delrin UV resistant insulators, and special Dipole BALUN.

This DIPOLE-kit contains the necessary components and foundation for an HF Dipole antenna.

If you are new to HAM Radio, I recommend beginning with a 40 meter Dipole.  Forty is a good band to start with, since the band is usually open during the daylight hours, and many times, well into the evening hours.  If you are an early riser, it is very often there waiting for you before dawn.

To calculate the total lengtrh of a forty meter antenna, use the halfwave antenna formula; 468 divided by the frequency in MHz.

EXAMPLE:  To determine the total length of a 40 meter antenna, using a popular frequency near the center of the 40 meter band, we will use 7.2 MHz, thus (lenght is in feet),     468 / F in MHz, (or 468  / F=7.2);  468 / 7.2 = 65 (ft).

A 40 meter dipole is very close to 65 feet overall length.  The 65 feet of antenna wire is split at the center.  One side is connected to the left terminal of the BuxComm DIPOLE-kit, and the other half is connected to the right terminal of the BuxComm DIPOLE-kit.  You can use pretty much anything for wire as long as it’s a good conductor.  I recomment #14 AWG gauge stranded copper wire.  The wire can be PVC covered/insulated, or bare wire.  We recommend using the BuxComm wire, cat# 14 AWG, it is a Flexible 14 gauge, Stranded copper antenna wire.

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